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Mission Statement:

The Next Purpose is a non-profit organization which aims to establish sustainable medical, educational and recreational initiatives in underserved communities with the support of its volunteers, beneficiaries and communities at large.

We pride ourselves on being an open-project organization. What does that mean? All of our members are encouraged to propose ideas for possible projects for any community in the world. We want to be your vehicle to help you meet your goals to help change the world! The Next Purpose belongs to its members, volunteers, beneficiaries and the communities in which it operates.

Founding Story:

April 25, 2015. A day of disaster marked by a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake that struck the beautiful country of Nepal. I was finishing up breakfast that morning when I received an alert from CNN on my phone informing me of the historic disaster. Instead of rushing to work, out of spontaneity, I began reaching out to relief organizations that were looking for medical professionals to go to Nepal. After two weeks of research and exhausting my resources, I finally received an email from a medical group based out of the United States. I jumped on the opportunity and began making arrangements for my journey.

As I landed in Nepal, I could only see destruction around me. I began providing medical relief right away in the villages and towns around the capital city of Kathmandu. We were able to hand out necessary medications, diagnose acute medical problems and provide medical care to the victims of the earthquakes. Once the initial week of work was over, the rest of our group returned back to the United States. I decided to stay to continue providing aid and learn more about the country. My friend Lhemi was the first of my resources. With her guidance, we navigated through Kathmandu and met a group of relocated villagers. Among them was a social worker, Milan Sherpa, who later became one of my dearest friends. With the help of family and friends back home, I began fundraising to build washrooms, supply medications and essentials to the villagers living in the makeshift tent camps. Although I was able to provide some short term relief, I knew I wanted to do more but didn’t know how at the time. After returning to Houston, Milan and I spent weeks talking before it dawned on me that the people from the village struggled well before the earthquakes ever hit. The geographical location of the village and the dangerous terrain made it so that they had limited access to schools, governmental aide or even proper medical care. I had found it! I had found a way to help these people in ways more than just providing temporary relief! I wanted to create long-term, sustainable change.

The Next Purpose was born – a Houston, Texas based non-profit organization which aims to provide social services to the most underprivileged regions of the world. Through the means of needs assessment, research and partnerships with local and regional communities, The Next Purpose hopes to reduce the gap between individuals and the accessibility to prosperous living. It works to establish recreational initiatives, educational campaigns and medical facilities to help create and sustain healthier more prosperous communities. Currently, we are in the process of establishing a telehealth clinic in Sindhupalchowk, a remote village in Nepal. By working around geographical challenges we hope to connect medical professionals from around the world to patients in Nepal via the internet! The Next Purpose is also recruiting volunteers, members and donors for the organization and is always available to present its ideas and research in an effort to make this village and other regions of the world more prosperous. Our Next Purpose is to achieve success for those resilient communities that have trouble surviving each day in developing countries. Join us in the fight to make access possible for all. –Wasim Momin

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