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Every dollar given to the organization is directly used towards our beneficiaries. In the past our utilization rates have been over 95% and TNP strives to keep that percentage very high. You can have confidence in knowing that the donations you give are going exactly where we say they are. In other words, your hard earned dollars are utilized in ways advertised on this site! If you ever have questions about how your donations are being utilized, feel free to email us at All financials and final budgets are public data and will be posted in our Financials (link this to a blank financials page, more to come soon etc.) section, click to learn more.

In the past, funds have been utilized in a variety of ways. Some uses for raised funds include. (header above three sections of pictures and descriptions.

Temporary Toilets and Showers

After the earthquakes in Nepal, thousands of villager dwellers were forced to seek refuge in the city of Kathmandu. Most of them settled on open lots of land since their own homes and shelters were completely destroyed in the earthquakes. Although the land offered safety from additional earthquakes, it did not provide for basic human needs such as clean water and toilets. As you can imagine this created a situation in which villagers were forced to shower, defecate and urinate on the very land they lived on. With the upcoming monsoons and heavy rains the potential for water borne illnesses would be an inevitable disaster. We were able to gather funds to build adequate toilets, showers and sources of clean water for the villagers as they temporarily sought refuge in the city.

65 Kids

The earthquakes also brought about a decrease in the amount of kids attending school. This was simply due to the fact that the schools in their villages no longer existed. With no resources to send their kids to schools, the villagers hoped for teachers to volunteer their time to help educate their children. The tent village was made up of about 70 children, 35 of them of which were of primary schooling age. Through our channel, 35 donors based in the USA were linked up with children who wished to attend a private school in the city. A one time donation of $65 was made to help pay for books, uniforms and tuition for a group of children for an entire year!


Immediately after the earthquake, the hospital system in Nepal was in a choke hold. The demand for medial care was at an extreme high and resources to meet these demands were insufficient. Many of the sick were prematurely discharged from hospitals to make room for trauma and acutely ill patients. This created a situation in which individuals were left with no medicine and treatment in order to help them recover from their illnesses. We identified these individuals, recovered their prescriptions and were able to buy them their much needed antibiotics, antivirals and other essential drugs.